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Wolfy Lappland is a sovereign state located in Lappland. It is rather small.

Wolfy Lappland


English, Norwegian, Swedish



Declaration of independence from Norway

27 December 1989 (unofficial)

22 September 1990 (official)



Internet domain



In 1988, a group of tourists and Norwegian entrepeuners saw profit in establishing a country aimed at tourism, and in early 1989 began building the village of Norskermorsomt, although at the time it was unnamed. A poll was created to determine the name of the new city. One option was Wolf, the other option was Norskermorsomt. Much to the annoyance of the Norwegian entrepeuners and local residents the town was named Norskermorsomt. With a populaiton of 55 at the time, Wolfy Lappland declared de facto independence on 27 December 1989, although originally only recognised by Norway and Sweden. Wolfy Lappland declared full independence and was granted UN membership on 22 September 1990. It was a controlled anarchist community until Bobby Bob was crowned Ruler on 2 January 1991. The country had no elections until 1995, which were won by the Neutral Party. Bobby Bob was not allowed to run for Prime Minister in 1995. In 2000 he ran for President, and has been President since.


Wolfy Lappland is a trilingual community. Tourists from the USA, Canada and UK tend to speak English, whereas the first inhabitants mostly spoke Norwegian or Swedish. There are 2 settlements in Wolfy Lappland; Norskermorsomt, the capital, and Kornlandsby, a farming community established in 1996. Most services are located in Norskermorsomt. Norskermorsomt has a mall, McDonalds, KFC, hospital, school, college, university, HMV, hotel and corner shop. Kornlandsby has a corner shop and doctor's surgery. There are no prisons in Wolfy Lappland, and crime is low. There is a rehabilitation centre east of Kornlandsby, and a small jail in Norskermorsomt. Most of Wolfy Lappland's income is from tourism.


In 1992, a shuttle bus started between Norskermorsomt and Tromso. A school bus started on 3 January 1991. A railway between Norskermorsomt and Tromso opened in 1995, and a station opened in Kornlandsby in 1997.


Throughout most of its existence, Wolfy Lappland has been ruled by Bobby Bob. Elections were held in 1995 and 2000.