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The Wolfishar general election, 1997 was the second multi-party election in Wolfishar. During this election, the Reform Party famously only held the seat of Croxton by one vote, and were accused of rigging the vote in this riding.

Major party campaigns[]

New Left Party[]

During the 1997 election, the party pushed an agressive campaign criticizing Reform Party policy, attacking the inaffordability of mail, transport and internet after privatization, and the great inequality caused by the free market in the education system. They also criticized how the railways had been run since privatization.

Social Liberal Party[]

The Social Liberal Party ran a much more relaxed campaign, mainly criticizing the Reform Party's mass privatization and the rising cost of living.

Reform Party[]

The Reform Party resumed tactics used in 1992 to create a red scare. They attacked the Youth Party's campaign as being "based on communist propaganda".

Minor party campaigns[]

Youth Party[]

The Youth Party campaigned on heavy criticism of the Reform Party's youth and education policy; they famously uncovered a scandal that the Reform Party leaders were building "rehabilitation centres". They attacked the Reform Party's campaign as being right-wing propaganda.

New Communist Party[]

The New Communist Party attacked the Reform Party's ban of the Communist Party of Wolfishar in 1993 as being a violation of democracy and the beginning of a dictatorship.

Agrarianist Party[]

The Agrarianist Party stripped down their campaigning and simply used the slogan "The party to represent farmers". They have continued to use this simple campaigning method ever since.


Party Leader Leader's seat Candidates Seats before Seats after Difference
New Left Party Tony Barnes Wolfshire City, Urban 20 0 17 +17
Social Liberal Party Charlie Kennes Wolfshire City, Suburban 20 3 2 -1
Reform Party John Minor Croxton 20 17 1 -16
Youth Party Carl Hausen Ran in Croxton; did not win seat 1 0 0 0
New Communist Party Michael Gorbsky Ran in Wolfshire City. Urban; did not win seat 1 0 0 0
Agrarianist Party Andy Grains Ran in Farmlands; did not win seat 1 0 0 0


  • Prime Minister: Tony Barnes, New Left
  • Leader of the Opposition: Charlie Kennes, Social Liberal
  • Backbench Group Leader: John Minor, Reform
  • Speaker: John Barkston, New Left

Elections before and after[]