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The Wolfishar general election, 1992 was the first multi-party general election in Wolfishar since 1918. It was the only election where the Reform Party won a majority.

Major party campaigns[]

Reform Party[]

The Reform Party harshly criticized the regime of the Communist Party of Wolfishar, comparing it to the totalitarianism of the Iron Curtain states. They also campaigned on an anti-tax platform. They attacked rivals New Left Party as being "puppets" of the Communist Party.

Social Liberal Party[]

The Social Liberal Party campaigned with the slogan "Sensibility in '92". They supported a social-democratic mixed economy, criticizing the radicalism of the other major parties.

New Left Party[]

The New Left Party attacked the Reform Party as propagandists and rejected links to the Communist Party. They did not mention the Social Liberal Party in their campaigns.

Communist Party[]

The Communist Party campaigned on a ferocious anti-capitalist platform. They attacked the Reform Party as being in support of a social hierachy and greed. They also attacked the Social Liberals as being too moderate.

Minor party campaigns[]

Agrarianist Party[]

The newly formed Agrarianist Party campaigned on an agrarian and social-democratic platform, and insisted themselves to be the most sensible option in the sole constituency, Farmlands, in which they ran. They promoted themselves as more left-wing than the Social Liberals but not as left-wing as the New Left and Communist parties.


Party Leader Leader's seat Candidates Seats before Seats after Difference
Reform Party John Minor Croxton 20 0 17 +17
Social Liberal Party Charlie Kennes Wolfshire City, Suburban 20 0 3 +3
New Left Party Nick Kinnal Ran in Torsdale; did not win seat 20 0 0 0
Communist Party of Wolfishar Michael Gorbsky Ran in Wolfshire City, Urban; lost seat 20 20 0 -20
Agrarianist Party Andy Grains Ran in Farmlands; did not win seat 1 0 0 0


  • Prime Minister: John Minor, Reform
  • Leader of the Opposition: Charlie Kennes, Social Liberal
  • Speaker: Maine Sherly, Independent Reform

Maine Sherly was elected as a Reform Party candidate but left the party in 1993.

Elections before and after[]