The Wolfishar general election, 1992 was the first multi-party general election in Wolfishar since 1918. It was the only election where the Reform Party won a majority.

Major party campaignsEdit

Reform PartyEdit

The Reform Party harshly criticized the regime of the Communist Party of Wolfishar, comparing it to the totalitarianism of the Iron Curtain states. They also campaigned on an anti-tax platform. They attacked rivals New Left Party as being "puppets" of the Communist Party.

Social Liberal PartyEdit

The Social Liberal Party campaigned with the slogan "Sensibility in '92". They supported a social-democratic mixed economy, criticizing the radicalism of the other major parties.

New Left PartyEdit

The New Left Party attacked the Reform Party as propagandists and rejected links to the Communist Party. They did not mention the Social Liberal Party in their campaigns.

Communist PartyEdit

The Communist Party campaigned on a ferocious anti-capitalist platform. They attacked the Reform Party as being in support of a social hierachy and greed. They also attacked the Social Liberals as being too moderate.

Minor party campaignsEdit

Agrarianist PartyEdit

The newly formed Agrarianist Party campaigned on an agrarian and social-democratic platform, and insisted themselves to be the most sensible option in the sole constituency, Farmlands, in which they ran. They promoted themselves as more left-wing than the Social Liberals but not as left-wing as the New Left and Communist parties.


Party Leader Leader's seat Candidates Seats before Seats after Difference
Reform Party John Minor Croxton 20 0 17 +17
Social Liberal Party Charlie Kennes Wolfshire City, Suburban 20 0 3 +3
New Left Party Nick Kinnal Ran in Torsdale; did not win seat 20 0 0 0
Communist Party of Wolfishar Michael Gorbsky Ran in Wolfshire City, Urban; lost seat 20 20 0 -20
Agrarianist Party Andy Grains Ran in Farmlands; did not win seat 1 0 0 0


  • Prime Minister: John Minor, Reform
  • Leader of the Opposition: Charlie Kennes, Social Liberal
  • Speaker: Maine Sherly, Independent Reform

Maine Sherly was elected as a Reform Party candidate but left the party in 1993.

Elections before and afterEdit

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