Wolfishar is a country located on a small island inbetween Iceland and Greenland.


First citizens and First Republic or Colony Era (1910-1917)Edit

Wolfishar was first colonized by British citizens in 1910, with the first ever election for First Minister that year. The Wolfishar Resident's Party maintained control of the colony throughout most of the Edwardian period. Candidates were also unsuccessfully fielded by the Wolfish Conservative Party and the Trade Unions Party.

Revolution (1917-1920)Edit

Inspired by the Russian Revolution, the Communist Party of Wolfishar was founded in 1917. They pressured for an early First Minister election that year with little success, resulting in an attempted riot, which was quickly destroyed, and an unsuccessful attempt at assassination on the First Minister. After winning the 1918 First Minister election, the party banned all other parties in the country, with the acception of the Trade Unions Party, who eventually merged in 1919.

Second Republic or Socialist Republic Era (1920-1990)Edit

Wolfishar filed for independence from the United Kingdom in 1920, criticized by the Conservative Party and Liberal Party, but supported by the Labour Party. The Soviet Union also supported the campaign for independence. The Westminister MP for Wolfishar pushed for a referendum on independence and an independent state was eventually created in 1921. A first-by-the-post electoral system was created with 20 constituencies and the title of First Minister was replaced with Prime Minister.

Glasnost (1990-1992)Edit

Starting from 1989 a faction of Gorbachev supporters had formed in the Communist Party, describing themselves as the "Democratic Worker's Faction". In the 1990 Communist Party leadership election, the faction managed to get a democratic socialist candidate elected. The party then followed the glasnost and perestroika policies of Gorbachev, and allowed for electoral reform. The first democratic parliamentary election was held in 1992, resulting in a landslide victory for the Reform Party.

Third Republic (1992-present)Edit

The Reform Party's policies were hugely unpopular, particularly privatization of internet, mail, school and transport. This resulted in a landslide victory in 1997 for the New Left Party, who advocated complete nationalisation of schooling, a national school council, nationalisation of transport and a mixed public-private internet. The New Left Party has won every election since 1997.


First RepublicEdit

Second RepublicEdit

  • Wolfishar general election, 1921
  • Wolfishar general election, 1925
  • Wolfishar general election, 1929
  • Wolfishar general election, 1933
  • Wolfishar general election, 1937
  • Wolfishar general election, 1942
  • Wolfishar general election, 1947
  • Wolfishar general election, 1950
  • Wolfishar general election, 1954
  • Wolfishar general election, 1958
  • Wolfishar general election, 1962
  • Wolfishar general election, 1967
  • Wolfishar general election, 1971
  • Wolfishar general election, 1975
  • Wolfishar general election, 1979
  • Wolfishar general election, 1983
  • Wolfishar general election, 1987
  • Wolfishar general election, 1990

Third RepublicEdit

List of political partiesEdit

Active, majorEdit

Active, minorEdit

  • New Communist Party (founded 1993)
  • Pirate Party (founded 2007)
  • Marijuana Party (founded 2002)
  • Altermondialist Party (founded 2010)
  • Tourism Party (founded 2009)
  • Agrarianist Party (founded 1992)


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