Western Rail of Tagtraum is the national railway company of Canadian Tagtraum.

Western Rail of Tagtraum


1960 (as Western Tagtraum Railway)

1982 (as Western Rail of Tagtraum)

Stations served

5 (4 operated)

Fleet size

4 British Rail Class 378 EMU (since 2011)

1 Class 313 EMU (since 1982)

1 Class 172 Turbostar DMU (since 2011)

Former fleet

3 Class 313 EMU (scrapped in 2011)

1 Class 150 DMu (scrapped 2011)


Maple Leaf Soccer Street railway station


National Park railway station, Resort railway station


The railway from National Park railway station to a station in Maple Leaf City was first built in 1960. The idea of having steam trains going under the city that weren't specifically built was frowned upon, so the railway was divided. Trains from Maple City North went to National Park, whilst trains from Maple City South went to Resort railway station. In 1970 the railway obtained 4 Class 122 units and began to revamp the railways. In 1971 Maple Leaf North and Maple Leaf South closed permanently and Resort was closed temporarily. A shuttle service from Royal Village railway station to National Park ran from 1972 to 1975 with the reopening of the railways. The last steam service from National Park to Resort travelled on December 29 1972 and the aging panniers were scrapped and replaced by one of the 4 Class 122's obtained in 1970. In 1975, Maple Leaf Soccer Street railway station opened as an entirely underground station, renamed in 1984 from Maple Leaf Central. In 1982 the railway was rebranded to its current form. In 1984 the 4 Class 122's used since 1972 were sold to a heritage railway and the line was electrified. 4 Class 313 EMU's replaced them. In 1986 Brittraum Rail extended their line from Royal City railway station to Maple Leaf Soccer Street, and a rebuild of the station took place. A shuttle ran from Royal Village to National Park and Resort was temporarliy closed. In 1989, Resort and Maple Leaf Soccer Street stations reopened along with English Village railway station, a station on Brittraum Rail's extension plan. Since 1992 Western Rail of Tagtraum has ran a Saturday shuttle service from Maple Leaf Soccer Street to English Village. However, since the Tagtraum English football club withdrew from the Canadian Tagtraum leagues in late 1996, passenger usage on the service has decreased. In 2011 the Class 313s on the Resort - National Park service were replaced by Class 378's, and the Class 150 on the Maple Leaf Soccer Street - English Village service was replaced by a Class 172 Turbostar DMU.

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