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Wacken Metallers FC are an association football club formed in Wacken, Germany in 1996.

Wacken Metallers






Regional World League (since 2011)


The club was formed by a few metal musicians after the 1996 Wacken festival. Today, only one of those people, Dero Goi, is still in the team. The side only played a small amount of matches between 1996 and 2010, but joined the Regional World League in 2012.

2012 squad[]

No. Name Band Nationality
1 Till Lindemann Rammstein German
2 Richard Kruspe Rammstein/Emigrate German
3 Dero Goi Oomph! German
4 Dave Grohl Nirvana/Foo Fighters American
5 Alexx Wesselsky Megaherz/Eisbrecher German
6 Fuchs Die Apokalyptische Reiter German
7 Steve Ramsay Skyclad English
8 Christopher Bowes Alestorm Scottish
9 Zack de la Rocha Rage Against the Machine American
10 Tom Morello Rage Against the Machine/Street Sweeper American
11 Dino Cazares Fear Factory Mexican