The United States of Nurica is a sovereign state located on the Nurican island of the planet of Normeain.


The USN was founded in 1969 as a USA territory, and was granted independence following a referendum in 1970. The first presidential and Senate elections took place in 1971.


Nurica borders Aput to the north. The country has 10 states, listed with their 1971-2008 political preferences.

  • Snow Island (Democratic Liberal, lots of independent support)
  • New Washington (Democratic Liberal)
  • New California (Democratic Liberal)
  • Morello State (Democratic Liberal)
  • Labrador (Democratic Liberal)
  • Pomeranian (Democratic Liberal)
  • Russell (Democratic Liberal)
  • Canis (Democratic Liberal)
  • Nixonton (Nurican Conservative)
  • New Texas (Nurican Conservative)


The country had a very similar political system to the USA until the Nurican Senate election, 2010 started by petition, predominately against the electoral college system.

Political partiesEdit

There are three major political parties in Nurica.

Minor political partiesEdit

The following minor parties have had little electoral success.

Defunct. political partiesEdit





  • Independence referendum, 1970
  • "Woah" songlyric referendum, 1972
  • Call for early Senate election, 2009
  • Electoral college referendum, 2009
  • Triannual elections referendum, 2010
  • "Woah" songlyric referendum, 2010

Senate controlEdit

  • Nurican Conservative/Republican (1969-1971) (De facto only; no official Senate)
  • Nurican Conservative (1971-1980)
  • Democratic Liberal (1980-1997)
  • Democratic Liberal/Social Democratic (1997-1999)
  • Democratic Liberal/Independent (1999-2000)
  • Democratic Liberal (2000-2009)
  • Revolution 09 (2009-Present)


  • Richard Nixon (Nurican Conservative/Republican - 1969-1971)
  • Bob Davies (Nurican Conservative - 1971-1980)
  • John Daniel (Democratic Liberal - 1980-1997)
  • Shaun Komerad (Social Democratic/Independent - 1997-2000)
  • Bob Shirles (Democratic Liberal - 2000-2010)
  • Carl Hornes (Revolution 09 - 2010-Present)


Throughout most of Nurica, hardcore punk and industrial metal are the mainstream. Grunge also has a lot of popularity. On Snow Island, post-rock is largely popular. The island largely considers itself to be culturally part of Aput. Songs that include the song "woah" more than twice are banned from TV and radio airplay, following referendums in 1972 and 2010. In the two conservative states, groove metal, post-hardcore and country are more popular.

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