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Tagtraum Prince FC is the oldest football club in Canadian Tagtraum, founded in 1983. It won the 1984 Prince League season but has never won it since. Alongside Maple Leaf FC and Canadian Red Bulls of Tagtraum, it has played in the Tagtraum Majors since its inaugural season in 1997.

Tagtraum Prince FC
Tagtraum Prince Crest.png



First league

Prince League (1984-1996)

Current league

Tagtraum Majors (since season 1997-98)

Best performance

Prince League (1st, 1984)


Prince League 1983: No season held 1984: 1st 1985: 2nd 1986: 2nd 1987: 2nd 1988: 2nd 1989: 2nd 1990: 2nd 1991: 2nd 1992: 2nd 1993: 2nd 1994: 2nd 1995: 3rd 1996: 3rd

Continental record (Prince League)

1984-1994: No competition held 1995: Did not qualify 1996: Did not qualify

Continental record (Tagtraum Majors)

1998: No competition held 1999: Did not qualify 2000: Did not qualify 2001: Did not qualify 2002: Did not qualify 2003: Did not qualify 2004: Did not qualify 2005: Did not qualify 2006: Did not qualify 2007: Did not qualify 2008: Did not qualify 2009: Did not qualify 2010: Did not qualify 2011: Did not qualify


Tagtraum Prince was the first professional association football club in Canadian Tagtraum. No other clubs formed until the announcement of the Prince League in January 1984. The team won the 1984 Prince League season, but did win it afterward. Their rivals Maple Leaf FC won the season for the first time in the 1985 season and won it every season from 1985 to 1995 when Canadian Red Bulls of Tagtraum won it. In 1996 Tagtraum English won their final season. Since the inaugural season in 1997 Tagtraum Prince has played in the Tagtraum Majors, although hasn't won it. However, their rivals Maple Leaf FC have won it nearly every season except 2002 when the then newly formed Metalheads United won the title. Maple Leaf FC resumed to win every Tagtraum Majors from 2003.


The Tagtraum Prince kit has almost always been a green shirt, white shorts and green socks, except in the 1988 season when white stripes were worn on the green shirt. It was the second Canadian Tagtraum side to have a shirt sponsor; since the 1987 season it has been sponsored by CTBC, the national TV station of Canadian Tagtraum. (Canadian Red Bulls of Tagtraum have been sponsored by Red Bull since their inaugural season in 1984).

Sponsors and kit designs[]

1984-1996 "ctbc presents Prince League live... and highlights on ctbc 2" CTBC Sponsor of the Prince League

Tagtraum Prince home kit from 1984 to 1986 and since 1988.

Tagtraum Prince away kit since 1984.

Home kit worn in the 1988 season.