Tagtraum English is an association football club formed in 1984 from Canadian Tagtraum, but since 1998 have played in the Brittraum Secondary Division.

Tagtraum English



First league

Prince League (1984-1996)

Current league

Brittraum Secondary Division (since 1998)

Best performance (1984-1996)

Prince League 1st (1996)

Tagtraum Champions League champions (1996)

Best performance (since 1998)

Brittraum Secondary Division 1st (1998)

Tagtraumian Champions (1998)


Prince League and Tagtraum Champions League (1984-1996)Edit

Like most original Canadian Tagtraum sides except Tagtraum Prince FC, the team was founded in 1984. Tagtraum Prince was founded in 1983. In the seasons of 1984-1995, the team finished 3rd. In the 1995 season they finished bottom in 4th. In the 1996 season, the team won the league, qualifying for the second Tagtraum Champions League. They won it, becoming the first Canadian Tagtraum side to do so.

Non-league season (1997)Edit

In 1996, it was announced that the Prince League was to be replaced by the Tagtraum Majors with 7 new clubs. Tagtraum English disliked the idea of a major league and tried to reform the Prince League for the 1997 season with 3 new clubs but all new sides forming that year took up slots in the Tagtraum Majors. Without a league, the side played just 2 friendlies for the whole 1997 season; one against newly formed Tagtraum Majors side National Park Wolves and another against Brittraum Premier League side Carl First FC.

Brittraum Secondary Division and Tagtraumian (1998-present)Edit

In late 1997, a new league was announced in Brittraum, the Brittraum Secondary Division. Tagtraum English was invited to join the league and gratefully accepted. They joined alongside the newly formed clubs Pepsi Brittraum, Carl Second and Queens FC. The team won the 1998 season and qualified for the first and so far only Tagtraumian which had replaced the Champions League for the 1998 season for unknown reasons. The winner of the Brittraum Secondary Division would face runners-up of the Tagtraum Majors, which that season was Tagtraum Prince. Tagtraum English won 2-0. Since 1998 there has been no Tagtraumian and the team is yet to win another Secondary Division title.


Tagtraum English's kit normally reflects that of the English national team. The current home kit is all white, while the away kit is navy black with light blue shorts and black socks. In previous seasons, the home kit had blue shorts and the away kit was red shirts, white shorts and red socks. In the 1996 Champions League and 1998 Tagtraumian, the team wore blue shirts, white shorts and blue socks.

89px-Kit blank.svg

Current home kit

Tagtraum English Away

Current Tagtraum English away kit

England Unofficial

Home kit from 1984-2009

Maple Leaf FC Home Tagtraum English Away

Away kit from 1984-2009

Tagtraum English Away 1996 1998

Kit worn in 1996 Tagtraum Champions League and 1998 Tagtraumian.

Typically, to mimic the England kits, the shirts have a chest number rather than a shirt sponsor like most other clubs. However, in 1996 and 1998 their third strip was sponsored by PlayStation.


Prince League ad 1984-1996 and TM from 1997

1984-1996 "ctbc presents Prince League live... and highlights on ctbc 2" CTBC Sponsor of the Prince League

1996 Champions League

1996: Tagtraum Champions League "Support Tagtraum English"

Secondary Division Ad 1

1998-present: Secondary Division

1998 Tagtraum English

1998: Tagtraumian "Support Tagtraum English"

Tagtraum English 1996 Ad

1996: PlayStation One sponsor for the TCL

Tagtraum English 1998 Ad

1998: PlayStation2 Tagtraumian

Secondary Division Ad 2

sport" "Broadcaster of the Brittraum Secondary Division"

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