The Summit Rally Championship was created in 1993 to create peace between the citizens of countries who don't get along politically.

1993[edit | edit source]

The 1993 SRC had 5 rounds and 3 teams.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Team Car Rounds
South Korea Rally Team Subaru Vivio All
North Korea Rally Team Subaru Vivio All
Subaru Rally Team Japan Subaru Legacy RS All

Drivers[edit | edit source]

Names Number Team

Shin Yeon Yeon (South Korea)

Shin Yeon Jun (South Korea)

1 South Korea Rally Team

Park Chan Chan (North Korea)

Shin Chan Chan (North Korea)

2 North Korea Rally Team

Colin McRae (UK)

Robert Reid (UK)


Aoki Yusuke (Japan)

Zhongguo Cai (China)

4 Subaru Rally Team Japan

Rallies[edit | edit source]

  • Taipei Rally (Taiwan)
  • Beijing Street Rally (China)
  • Rally Japan (Japan)
  • Rally of the Korean Peninsula (South Korea)
  • Mount Kumgang Tourist Rally (North Korea)

Mount Kumgang incident[edit | edit source]

During the 5th round after the first day, South Korean driver Shin Yeon Yeon was found dead in his hotel room. The rally continued, North Korean authorities promising to investigate after the rally. After the murder, co-driver Shin Yeon Jun urged the Subaru team to try their hardest to win. North Korean authorities disallowed the North Korean team to be disqualified. Spectators tried to slow down the North Korean team as much as possible, causing them to finish last. The rally was won by Colin McRae. A year later in 1994, authorities from North and South Korea met in Pyongyang to discuss the incident. North Korea proposed a 1 year jail sentence for the antagonist, which the South disagreed with. Backed by Japan, a joint three way investigation by the authorities of both Koreas and Japan was organized, and found that the murderer was Park Chan Chan. A compromise was finally made in 1995, with Park Chan Chan being brought to South Korea for trail. He was given a lifetime sentence in South Korea prison, and a lifetime ban in both Koreas. The SRC was cancelled for many years because of the incident. It was decided, if it was to be revived, that no entries will be allowed from North Korea, or even spectators.

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