The Social Liberal Party is a political party in Wolfishar

Social Liberal Party


Nick Clergy, MP, Leader of the Opposition


Wolfishire City


Social liberalism, Progressivism

Internal factions

Social democracy, Third Way, Centrism, libertarianism

Political position


Seats in Parliament


Election resultsEdit

1992 electionEdit

The party campaigned with the tagline "Sensibility in '92". The party won 3 seats and became the main Opposition party.

1997 electionEdit

The party lost the seat of Wolfishire City Urban to the New Left Party. They still remained the main opposition party.

2001 electionEdit

The party had surprisingly lost the seemingly safe seats of Wolfishire City Suburban and Farmlands. This left the party without representation in parliament.

2005 electionEdit

The party won back the 2 seats lost in 2005.

2010 electionEdit

The party held the 2 seats won in 2005.

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