Second Album of Ed is the second album by Ed. It promotes season 2. "Key to My Ed" became a regular setlist staple. 

Second Album of Ed

Studio Album by Ed




Comedy rock


Cartoon Network

Preceding release

Album of Ed

Following release

Third Album of Ed

Track listingEdit

  1. Knock Knock, Who's Ed?
  2. One + One = Ed
  3. Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed
  4. Ready, Set, Ed!
  5. Hands Across Ed
  6. Floss Your Ed
  7. In Like Ed
  8. Who Let the Ed In?
  9. Home Cooked Eds
  10. Rambling Ed
  11. To Sir with Ed
  12. Key to My Ed
  13. Urban Ed
  14. Stop, Look and Ed
  15. Honor Thy Ed
  16. Scrambled Ed
  17. Rent-a-Ed
  18. Shoo Ed
  19. Ed in a Half Shell
  20. Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed
  21. Hot Buttered Ed
  22. High Heeled Ed
  23. Fa-La-La-La Ed
  24. Cry Ed


  • Matt Hill (credited as Ed) - Vocals, guitar
  • Samuel Vincent (credited as Edd) - Bass
  • Tony Sampson (credited as Eddy) - Drums
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