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This article is about the musical genre. For the song by Political Destruction, see Gwynedd Machinery.

Science rock is a fusion genre of space rock and alternative rock, created by the American band Helium Override on their 2007 album Helium. It is popular in the Welsh regions of Holyhead and Gwynedd, where the band Hydrogen Oxide was formed in 2008, heavily inspired by Helium Override. Hydrogen Oxide and Helium Override receive heavy radio airplay rotation in northern Welsh radio station playlists, and tour frequently within the area, however Karr from Welsh industrial rock band Political Destruction has criticized the popularity of science rock, saying it's like pop music in southern England. "Nice sometimes, but you can't escape from it, nearly everywhere you go someone says "I love the guy from Hydrogen Oxide!" or "If I go to the USA I'll make sure I see Helium Override live." I fail to see what's so special or unique about it, it just sounds like Hawkwind blended with Muse and scientific noises to me. I don't get it. Yet everyone in northern Wales says it's unique and awesome. I think Neurotech from Slovenia are much more unique and awesome than any science rock band, same with KMFDM of France/Germany, but no one has even heard the names of those bands before. Not even Rammstein has popularity here with everyone listening to science rock. Still, could be worse, at least it's science rock they're interested in and not Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber." A song from Political Destruction's first album, Science Rock parodies the popularity of science rock in northern Wales. Radio broadcasters responded to this stating that cyber metal and industrial rock isn't radio friendly enough to receive airplay in Wales or any other part of the UK, and fans of science rock dismissed the genres as "screaming and vocoders that shouldn't make money", which angered rivetheads and metalheads everywhere, especially the UK, Germany and Slovenia.