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Regional World League is an association football league for various small scale clubs around the world. It is the only association football league in the world to have teams of mixed age and gender. Clubs not listed in order of current league results.

Division 1[]

Division 1 comprises of some interesting sides, and was formed in 2011. Alaska Regional joined in 2012. Northwest London Autistic Society comprises entirely of players on the autism spectrum, and was originally formed in 2007. It played a small mini tournament with a youth team against schools, before being put on hiatus. The B team was formed in 2008 and played a few friendlies. Both teams were put on hiatus until 2011 when the A team joined Division 1, and 2012 when the B team joined Division 2. Wacken Metallers FC was formed in 1996, but only played a few friendlies until joining the league. Reykjavik Scholars, Hampshire Scholars, Oslo Scholars and Scottish Youth Rovers all formed in 2011 and played friendlies against each other before joining the league. School Survival Soccer was formed in 1999 in South Africa and played friendlies against teams representing political parties and high schools all around the world until moving to the USA in 2005, where it has since only played sides from the USA and Canada. Ffestiniog Railway Volunteers was formed as a football club in 1970 and played matches in the Welsh Railway League until 2011 when it joined the Regional World League. 12 Year Larne was formed in 2011, and comprises entirely of 12 year olds. Pitkern FA Adamstown is the closest thing the Pitcairn Islands has to a national football team, although registered as a club. They played a few friendlies against amateur teams from around Oceania in 2010 before joining the league.

Club Town Country Gender Age Formed
Northwest London Autistic Society Ruislip England Mostly male 11-30 2007
Wacken Metallers FC Wacken Germany Male 20+ 1996
Reykjavik Scholars Reykjavik Iceland Mostly male: 2 female players 12-15 2011
School Survival Soccer FC Unknown USA and South Africa Male 12-21 1999
Alaska Regional FC Anchorage USA Mostly male: 1 female player 16-21 2012
Hampshire Scholars Winchester England Mostly female 12-18 2011
Scottish Youth Rovers Various Scotland Mixed 12-18 2011
Ffestiniog Railway Volunteers Porthmadog Wales Mostly male 11-48 1970
12 Year Larne Larne Northern Ireland Mixed 12 2011
Oslo Scholars Oslo Norway Mostly female 12-14 2011
Pitkern FA Adamstown Adamstown Pitcairn Islands Mixed 14+ 2010

Division 2[]

Division 2 was founded in 2012. Unlike Division 1, this division is aimed at more serious clubs comprised of males aged over 19 who can't enter a league due to geographical location. Despite this, most clubs in the league have at least 1 female player, Spitsbergen FC having the highest amount, and Northwest London Autistic Society B team are in the league despite all of their players being aged between 10 and 14. That team was created in 2008 to attempt to revive autistic football in the area. La Selgneurie, Herm Island and Spitsbergen were formed in 2012 to attempt to bring football to the isolated island they are located on, that are dependent of the UK, specifically Guernsey, and Norway. 1968 Subbuteo was formed in a pub in 2002 but only played a one off friendly before going on hiatus until 2012 when it was revived and joined the league. It is comprised of males, all of which grrew up with the Subbuteo table top football game, who are attempting to bring Subbuteo to the attention of the mostly younger than age 20 players in Division 1.

Club Town Country Gender Age Formed
Northwest London Autistic Society B Ruislip England Mostly male 10-14 2008
La Selgneurie FC La Selgneurie Sark Mostly male 20+ 2012
Herm Island FC Herm Herm Mostly male 20+ 2012
Spitsbergen FC Longyearbyen Svalbard Mixed


1968 Subbuteo Various England Male 32-61 2002