The Reform Party is a political party in Wolfishar



Michael Hammond, MP




Conservatism, libertarianism

Political position


Seats in Parliament


Election resultsEdit

1992 electionEdit

The party won 17 seats in 1992. The usually New Left safehold seat of Wolfishire CIty Urban was won by the Social Liberal Party. This gave the Reform Party a firm majority.

1997 electionEdit

The party's reforms were hugely unpopular and by 1993 voters had already started to support opposition parties. The New Left Party won 16 seats from the Reform Party and 1 seat from the Social Liberal Party giving them a majority of 17 seats. This made the Reform Party the minority opposition party with only 1 seat.

2001 electionEdit

The party became the only opposition party in 2001 due to the New Left Party winning all of the Social Liberal Party's seats. The Reform Party managed to defend Croxton.

2005 electionEdit

The Social Liberal Party won 2 seats, once again making the Reform Party a minority party. The party failed to make any gains.

2010 electionEdit

The party failed to make any gains.

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