Studio album by Carl


March 2002




Syco Records

Preceding release

Carl EP (2001)

Following release

Gran Turismo (2004)

Rap is the first studio album by English singer Carl. (not counting the 2001 Carl EP) It was released in March 2002 under Syco Records, and spawned two singles: My Name Is (January 2002) and Different Schools (2003). It was Carl's most successful release and went mainstream. His next album Gran Turismo (2004) was also successful but not as much as Rap. A European tour occured from March 2002 to January 2003.

Track listingEdit

  1. My Name Is
  2. Different Schools ft. Jamie
  3. No Point Fighting '02
  4. Ian
  5. Money
  6. Best Friends
  7. Park and Fun
  8. England World Cup
  9. Sleepies Time (We Don't Wanna Go to Bed)
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