Political Destruction is an industrial rock band from Porthmadog, Wales formed in 2009. Their work is considered similar to KMFDM in sound.


Two musicians, Karr and Jackie, met at a party in Holyhead, Wales and discovered they liked similar music. Karr was influenced by heavy metal while Jackie was influenced by industrial music, especially KMFDM and Eisbrecher. The band played its first shows around Gwynedd in 2009, releasing a free web single "Steaming Porthmadog" the same year. The following year they were noticed by Draftheadston Records, who were interesting in signing them. They accepted, and their first album Gwynedd Machinery was released in 2010. In March 2012 the band released the Hungerspiel EP entirely in German, which was imported to Germany through Motor Records and the USA and Canada through Metropolis.


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