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Old Remixes is the fourth EP by Carl, released in 2012. It contains remixes of some of his older songs from Gran Turismo and Friends Left, with synths and metal riffs added making the songs more of a cyber metal style.

Old Remixes

Remix album / EP by Carl




Alternative rock, cyber metal


Northern Carlton Records

Preceding release

Mein Traum (EP) (2012)

About the EP[]

The EP was announced shortly after the release of Mein Traum because Carl wanted to perform "up to date" versions of his older songs live, making the whole setlist cyber metal vs. just having cyber metal songs from Mein Traum. Carl chose 4 songs from Friends Left, and 1 song from Gran Turismo to remix.

Track listing[]

  1. Subaru
  2. Fight
  3. The Boot Camp
  4. Link Road
  5. Wolf Revolution