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The Nurican presidential election, 1971 was the second presidential election in the United States of Nurica

1971 election

President before

Richard Nixon (Nurican Conservative Party/Republican)

President after

Bob Davies (Nurican Conservative Party)

Last election

Nurican presidental election, 1969

Next election

Nurican presidential election, 1980

Major party candidates[]

Nurican Conservative Party[]

Bob Davies was elected unopposed in the primary for the Nurican Conservative Party.

Democratic Liberal Party[]

John Daniel was put forward as the candidate for the then new Democratic Liberal Party.

Minor party candidates[]

Socialist Alliance[]

The Socialist Alliance nominated Job Blarsky. The party came close to winning the electoral vote in Morello State.

Communist Party of Nurica[]

The Communist Party of Nurica nominated Marcus Lenny.

Anarchist Party of Nurica[]

The Anarchist Party of Nurica nominated "The Cop Who Ate Pigasus". This was the last election the party contested, as they disbanded in 1972.


Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote States carried
Bob Davies Nurican Conservative Party 1, 000, 001 8 8
John Daniel Democratic Liberal Party 291, 901 2 2
Job Blarsky Socialist Alliance 10, 982 0 0
Marcus Lenny Communist Party of Nurica 2, 192 0 0
The Cop Who Ate Pegasus Anarchist Party of Nurica 22 0 0