The Nurican presidential election, 1971 was the second presidential election in the United States of Nurica

1971 election

President before

Richard Nixon (Nurican Conservative Party/Republican)

President after

Bob Davies (Nurican Conservative Party)

Last election

Nurican presidental election, 1969

Next election

Nurican presidential election, 1980

Major party candidates[edit | edit source]

Nurican Conservative Party[edit | edit source]

Bob Davies was elected unopposed in the primary for the Nurican Conservative Party.

Democratic Liberal Party[edit | edit source]

John Daniel was put forward as the candidate for the then new Democratic Liberal Party.

Minor party candidates[edit | edit source]

Socialist Alliance[edit | edit source]

The Socialist Alliance nominated Job Blarsky. The party came close to winning the electoral vote in Morello State.

Communist Party of Nurica[edit | edit source]

The Communist Party of Nurica nominated Marcus Lenny.

Anarchist Party of Nurica[edit | edit source]

The Anarchist Party of Nurica nominated "The Cop Who Ate Pigasus". This was the last election the party contested, as they disbanded in 1972.

Results[edit | edit source]

Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote States carried
Bob Davies Nurican Conservative Party 1, 000, 001 8 8
John Daniel Democratic Liberal Party 291, 901 2 2
Job Blarsky Socialist Alliance 10, 982 0 0
Marcus Lenny Communist Party of Nurica 2, 192 0 0
The Cop Who Ate Pegasus Anarchist Party of Nurica 22 0 0
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