The Nurican presidential election, 1969 was the first presidential election in the United States of Nurica

1969 election

President before


President after

Richard Nixon (Nurican Conservative Party/Republican Party)

Next election

Nurican presidential election, 1971


Nurican Conservative PartyEdit

The newly formed Nurican Conservative Party nominated then American President Richard Nixon.


Future Democratic Liberal Party candidate John Daniel ran as an independent.

Anarchist Party of NuricaEdit

The Anarchist Party of Nurica endorsed Pigasus, who was also the Youth International Party's candidate for American President in 1968.


Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote States carried
Richard Nixon Nurican Conservative Party/Republican Party (America) 200, 786 8 8
John Daniel Independent 10, 706 2 2
Pigasus Anarchist Party of Nurica/International Youth Party (America) 172 0 0
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