Note: "Nur ihr allein" is a real life song, and In Extremo is a real life band

Nur ihr allein

Single by Die Alte Myth




Released in

Norway (CD), World (Download only)


Folk metal, medieval folk rock


Northern Carlton Records

"Nur Ihr Allein" (German: Only You Alone) is the first single by the Northern Carlton folk metal band Die Alte Myth. It was released in 2011 at the Young People Can Build Party in Norway. It is a cover of the song by In Extremo from their 2005 album "Mein Rasend Herz"

Track listingEdit

CD (Norway only)Edit

  1. "Nur ihr allein"
  2. "Nur ihr allein (Original In Extremo Version)"
  3. "Nur ihr allein (Music Video)"

Digital downloadEdit

  1. "Nur ihr allein"
  2. Music video
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