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The New Left Party is a political party in Wolfishar

New Left Party


Ed Marnes MP, Prime Minister


Wolfshire City




Democratic socialism, Progressivism, Trade Unionism

Internal factions

Social democracy, post-communism

Political position

Left-wing (main), centre-left (factions)

Seats in Parliament



The history of the New Left Party can be traced back as early as 1989, when members of an internal faction of the Communist Party of Wolfishar pushed for the election of a democratic socialist leader. After the one-party system was abolished, many democratic socialists left the party and formed the New Left.

Electoral success[]

1992 election[]

During the Wolfishar general election, 1992 close rivals the Reform Party launched a Red Scare campaign against the New Left and banned the Communist Party. However, Reform Party policies during their term in power caused them to drop greatly in popularity. By 1994, the New Left Party was far ahead in the opinion polls.

1997 election[]

During the 1997 election, the party pushed an agressive campaign criticizing Reform Party policy, attacking the inaffordability of mail, transport and internet after privatization, and the great inequality caused by the free market in the education system. They also criticized how the railways had been run since privatization. This resulted in a landslide victory, reducing the Reform Party to just one seat in the constituency of Croxton, which they have kept to this very day.

2001 election[]

The party surprisingly won the Social Liberal Party safe seats of Wolfshire City Suburban and Farmlands. This meant there was only one opposition MP in parliament.

2005 election[]

As the party was shocked by gains from the Social Liberal Party in 2001, and regards them as an ally, the party did not field candidates in those two seats in 2005, albeit with criticisms from the New Communist Party. The New Communist Party fielded candidates in these constituencies in 2005 and urged New Left voters to vote for them. The New Left urged voters to vote Social Liberal. The Social Liberal Party won these seats; albeit only by a few votes in the Wolfshire City Suburban constituency.

2010 election[]

In the 2010 election, the party fielded candidates in the Wolfshire City Suburban and Farmlands constituencies for the first time since 2001. The Social Liberal Party held these seats. The New Communist Party posed a much lesser threat in these constituencies than in 2005, and finished last place in both.


  • Nick Kinnal, MP. (1990-1996). Failed to win a single seat in 1992, however came a close second in Wolfshire City Suburban. Later ran in Torsdale in 1997 and won, still holds this seat.
  • Tony Barnes, MP, Prime Minister (1996-2009). Won his seat in Wolfshire City Urban in 1997, a year after being appointed leader, and lead the party to victory in 1997, winning 17 seats in total. Won 19 seats in 2001, and controversially declined to run candidates in 2 constituencies in 2005. Won 17 seats in 2005, resigned in 2009.
  • Ed Marnes, MP, Prime Minister (2009-present). Won the Wolfshire City Urban seat in the 2009 by-election, and was made Prime Minister following a leadership election. Won 17 seats in 2010.