New Land City is the largest settlement of the Empire of Northern Carlton. It is the seat of government and has a population of 499, 000 out of just 500, 000 in the country. The city is home to the majority of the population. The city is also the settlement of the country where all official and recognised languages are spoken except German, which is spoken in the country's village of Deutschstadt with the village's small population of 1, 000.


Proposal of becoming new capital

New Land City has been proposed to become the new capital of Northern Carlton. The country currently has no capital, and New Land City has been proposed mostly due to its large population and it being the city where the government is currently located.

Media and transport

New Land City is the only city in Northern Carlton with a bus system. New Land City railway station is where train services to the village of Deutschstadt and across the border to Miniature Stuff depart on the Northern Carlton Line. New Land City is also home to the headquarters of the NCBC, the national broadcasting, hosting several TV and radio channels in various languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and French. The German TV station, Deutsche TV Nord Carlton is hosted in Deutschstadt and run privately from the NCBC.

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