Minifoot is a form of association football popular in Carlton.

History[edit | edit source]

Minifoot started when Wasser, who at the time was the singer/bassist of alternative rock band Craziness in 2010, decided to create a new form of 3-a-side football. It had the same refereeing rules as association football, except it didn't have offside, corners and instead of free kicks, penalties were always given. It also has no age or gender seperation. Subsequently cross gender teams aged 12-20 have become common in professional minifoot. The first minifoot match took place in March 2010 when Wasser ordered 3 England kits to create a team for himself and his band members, and 3 Republic of Ireland kits for his neighbours to form a team. The match took place in Wasser's garden, the two teams were called '''England Unofficial''' and '''United'''''' Ireland Unofficial'''. The team representing Ireland won 2-0.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Minifoot's rules are very similar to that of association football, except:

  • Matches are 30 minutes a half
  • Offside rules do not apply
  • Pitches are very small, often only the size of a garden, with the only markings being the pitch dividing line and the penalty spots.

Minifoot is an exclusively 3-a-side game. Despite the popularity of the sport, due to the size of the pitches, match attendancies are often only small, hence international matches are often televised.

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