Life is the third studio album by Carl. It is the first and only Carl release so far to be self released.


Studio album by Carl




Punk rock, reggae fusion, New Wave

Preceding release

Gran Turismo (2004)

Following release

Friends Left (2010)

About the albumEdit

In terms of sound, the album is very similar to The Police's early work, particularly the albums Outlandos d' Amour (1978) and Regatta de Blanc (1979). Carl started playing bass when the songs were written for the album, and playrf bass on the album. Very few live shows took place in 2008 promoting the album due to the abscence of a record label making it much harder to find venues that'd book Carl. Also due to the abscence of a record label, the album was not stocked in stores.

Track listingEdit

  1. Fall Out (Police cover)
  2. Mine
  3. Fight
  4. Loneliness
  5. Reggae
  6. Sofa
  7. Insane
  8. Don't Belong Here
  9. Why?
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