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Isolation is the second album by the musician Alan Soupman. It is a concept album about homeschooling, Christianity and extremely strict parents, and how a combination of the three can result in a bad childhood.


Studio album by Alan Soupman




Industrial rock, darkwave



Preceding release

Darkness of Our Culture (2006)

Following release

The Third Edition (2012)


1. Forced Upon Me (2008)


The album was announced in late 2006 and was said to be complete in 2008, but was finished early in 2007. Alan started peforming "Forced Upon Me" and "Rip" in late 2006 during the last shows of the Darkness of Our Culture tour.


The album's lyrical themes sparked some controversy.

Anti-religious accusations[]

Alan was accused as being anti-Christian around the release of the album due to the religion that the album is centred about specifically being Christianity. The songs "Christianity", "Forced Upon Me" and "Give Me Proof" sparked most of this contoversy. Alan released a statement:

"I'm not against people being Christian at all, just against people being forced into it who don't want to or don't genuinely follow its beliefs. I used to know kids in Shoreditch and Whitechapel as a kid who had this sort of upbringing. It was so strict that a lot of them got depressed, some were sent to this thing in the States called "Jesus Camp" and one kid killed himself."

Accusations of supporting suicide[]

Alan was accused of supporting suicide amongst youth in this style of upbringing and inmates of juvenile centres. "I just want these kids to have songs they're genuinely able to relate to, not pop music about having sex." said Alan around the times of the accusations.

Accusations towards Alan's mother of child abuse[]

"She wasn't abusive at all, I just knew people who had these sort of parents but were shamed into silence about it and were too scared to tell people. I want people to know there are people with these lives of torture. Stop trying to arrest my mother, she did nothing wrong!" were the words of Alan around the time an atheist group based in Seattle attempted to get Alan's mother charged with child abuse on the grounds of physical violence and enforced religious upbringing. After the statement, they tried to shift blame toward his father. "No one in my family experienced, enforced or supported this upbringing, just my old friends in Shoreditch and their families."

Track listing[]

  1. Christianity
  2. Forced Upon Me
  3. Traumatized
  4. Dead
  5. Sent into Camp
  6. Alone Forever
  7. Do I Deserve This?
  8. Why?
  9. Give Me Proof
  10. Rip (Gary Numan cover; digipak only)