The Industia national football team represents the Howlish colony of Industia in international football.


First international

Australia Australia XI 6-1 Industia Flag of Industia

Corrs Harbour, 1990

Biggest win

Flag of Industia Industia 4-2 American Samoa Aslarge

Industia, 1991

Biggest defeat

Flag of Howl Howl 10-0 Industia Flag of Industia

Hunderstadt, 1990


Industia is the most active Howlish side, and the only one to have taken part in organized competition before the creation of the Howlish League. It played its first friendly away to an Australian reserve team in 1990, losing 6-1. The team then played a friendly against Howl, losing 10-0, a record for Howlish football. The team took part in the 1991 Welcoming Industia Cup. earning its first win at home to American Samoa, the final score being 4-2. The team did not, however, win the final. It lost the final 5-2 to the same Australian reserve side they lost to a year earlier. In 1992 the team played an away friendly to Eastern Wotsit and lost 7-1. This is recorded as Eastern Wotsits's biggest win. In 2010 the team played its first home match since 1991 against a Canadian reserve team, losing 5-0.

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