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Hungerspiel EP is a German EP by Welsh industrial rock band Political Destruction.

Hungerspiel EP

EP by Political Destruction

Political Destruction Hungerspiel EP.png


March 2012


Industrial rock, industrial metal


Uk.jpg Draftheadston Records (UK)

Germany-flag.jpg Motor (Germany)

Usa-flags.gif Ca.gif Metropolis Records (US and Canada)

Following release

Gwynedd Machinery (2010)

About the EP[]

The EP is entirely in German, and was well received by critics, except the covers. "Hau Ruck" was seen as too similar to the original, and "Das Modell" was seen as too similar to the Rammstein version released in 1997.

Track listing[]

  1. Hungerspiel
  2. Kampf zu Leben
  3. Spielen für das Böse Völk
  4. Das Modell (Kraftwerk cover)
  5. Hau Ruck (KMFDM cover)