The Howl national football team represents the main territory of the Howl Empire in international football competition.


First international and biggest defeat

Flag of Howl Howl 0-6 Germany Germany-flag

(Howl, 1880)

Biggest victory

Flag of Howl Howl 10-0 Industia Flag of Industia

(Hunderstadt, 1990)


The side formed in 1880, and played a friendly against Germany, losing 6-0. This has been recorded as the biggest defeat of the Howlish side. Howl has become a common friendly opponent for newly formed Howlish League teams. In 1897, Howl played a friendly against Wotsit, the first game of the Wotsit team. Howl won 2-1, and has played Wotsit every Sunday in a friendly since 1898. In 1902, Howl playeda friendly against Channel Island and won 7-0. Channel Island would not play again until 2012 in the Howlish League. Howl did not play again (excluding Wotsit matches) until 1922 when they beat the then newly formed Eastern Wotsit side 4-2. Eastern Wotsit then drew with Wotsit, and would not play again until 1992 when they beat Industia 7-1. In 1990 Howl earned their biggest win against Industia, winning 10-0. This remains as Industia's biggest defeat.

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