Historisch is a German language industrial metal band formed in 2010 in Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom.



Industrial metal




Deustche Amerika


Historisch started as the hobby of Alan Soupman, tracing as far back as 2009. He had been playing guitar and bass for a few years, but started writing songs around late 2009. In 2010 he found a backing band that performed a few shows in London clubs with him, shortly afterward he hired studio time and recorded the 4 songs he'd written and performed and then released them as the project's debut EP, Krieg Eins, a concept release about the Great War of 1914-1917. The EP was self released. In 2011 another 10 songs were written and performed at more shows, until around November 2011 Alan was contacted by the newly formed American German language specialist record label Deutsche Amerika. He was very happy with what they had to offer, so much that he released his next solo studio album The Third Edition through Deutsche Amerika rather than Metropolis as originally planned. Historisch's first full length album, Zwei: Langer was released in 2012.


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