Gwynedd Machinery is the first studio album by Welsh industrial rock band Political Destruction.

Gwynedd Machinery

Studio album by Political Destruction

Political Destruction Gwynedd Machinery.png




Draftheadston Records

Preceding release

Steaming Porthmadog (2009)

Following release

Hungerspiel EP (2012)

The album[edit | edit source]

The album is notable for the single "Steaming Porthmadog", which launched the band to its fame, and the controversial song "Science Rock", which criticizes the popularity of Science rock in north Wales. It was well received by critics in the US and UK, being called "a rare piece of true industrial that is rarely seen outside of Germany nowadays". However, it was accepted poorly in Germany, being called a "KMFDM ripoff". The title track is a charity song urging people to donate to the Ffestiniog Railway.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. Steaming Porthmadog
  2. Science Rock
  3. Manufacturing Power
  4. Radio Wars
  5. Gwynedd Machinery
  6. Explorer
  7. Long Daydream
  8. History in the Subconcscious Mind
  9. Farewell
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