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Gas Exposure is the first full length album by Hydrogen Oxide, released in 2010 under Draftheadston Records.

Gas Exposure

Studio album by Hydrogen Oxide




Draftheadston Records


Science rock

Preceding release

Hydrogen Oxide EP (2008)

Critical reception[]

The album was very well received by critics. A review from Draftheadston Magazine said "Alongside Tiger Please, Super Furry Animals and Feeder, Wales has gained another member in its collection of unique experimental alternative rock bands that are never afraid to be doing something new." However, in the United States the album was criticized for sounding too similar to Helium Override.

Track listing[]

  1. Gas Exposure
  2. Invent Magic '10
  3. Sciencecoat
  4. Marketing Rocks from the Moon
  5. We'll Prove Your Existence.
  6. A OK
  7. Explosion in Closet Part I
  8. Explosion in Closet Part II
  9. Silver Machine (Hawkwind Cover)
  10. Plug in Baby (Muse Cover)