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Friends Left is the fourth studio album by singer Carl. It was released under Motor in 2010.

Friends Left

Studio album by Carl




Alternative rock, alternative metal, rap metal



Preceding release

Life (2008)

Following release

Mein Traum (2012) (EP)

About the album[]

Older songs on the album that were written as early as 2009 were stylistically similar to Rage Against tme Machine, specifically the seft titled debut album (1992). Those early 5 tracks were released on an EP "Upcoming Songs" (2010) which is the closest thing the album has to a single. The other songs are similar to early works of Muse from their album Showbiz (1999) and their Japan only EP Random 1-8 (2000).

Track listing[]

  1. Fight
  2. Free Us
  3. War
  4. The Boot Camp
  5. Your Politics
  6. Solitude
  7. Link Road
  8. Friends Left
  9. Shame
  10. Wolf Revolution