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Fourth Album of Ed is the fourth album by Ed. It promotes the 2002 and 2003 halves of season 4. It was the first album where all instruments are played by Matt himself, the first to credit him by his real name instead of "Ed", and the first to be released on Williams Street. It introduced the band's new grindcore style, which would last until 2009. 

Fourth Album of Ed

Studio album by Ed






Williams Street

Preceding release

Double Split

Following release

Fifth Album of Ed

Track listing[]

  1. If It Smells Like an Ed
  2. Don't Rain on My Ed
  3. Once Bitten, Twice Ed
  4. One Size Fits Ed
  5. Pain in the Ed
  6. Ed Overboard
  7. One of Those Eds
  8. They Call Him Mr. Ed
  9. For the Ed, By the Ed
  10. Little Ed Blue
  11. A Twist of Ed


Matt Hill - Vocals, all instruments