Flag of the Aland Islands and also the Empire of Northern Carlton

The Empire of Northern Carlton is a sovereign state located in the northern region of the continent of Carlton. It was founded after citizens emigrated from European countries to Miniature Stuff, which at the time was the only country in Carlton. It was founded in November 2011 after emigration to unclaimed land by European citizens who wanted to start a country with a more "European feel to it". It has no official flag as of yet, but has adopted the flag of the Finnish territory of the Aland Islands as a de facto flag. It is inspired by the Scandinavian countries of northern Europe, and its government has stated it wishes to focus more on its citizens than other countries, intending to remain as neutral as possible.

Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Capital city: None official, although New Land City has the largest population (499, 000) and is the seat of government.
  • Population: Around 500, 000
  • Currency: Northern Carlton kronor
  • National animal: Polar bear
  • Official language: English, Swedish
  • Recognized languages: Norwegian, Finnish, French, German

Sport[edit | edit source]

In Minifoot, Northern Carlton is represented by the Northern Carlton national minifoot team.

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