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East Trib is a country on Trib Island. It borders Chavia to the west.


East Trib was one of two countries formed on Trib Island in 2000 upon its discovery. There was originally going to be a joint Kingdom of Trib, but due to cultural conflict 2 different countries were formed. A mostly suburban East Trib, where football is small scale and music is mostly indie, alternative rock, grunge or techno on the east, and Chavia, a very urban themed country on the west, where Chav clothing, rap music, rap metal and deathcore is popular.

Notable bands[]

  • Nirvana Experience - Nirvana tribute band.
  • Copper - World's youngest signed rock band at the release of their first album.
  • Local Brutality - The country's only deathcore band.
  • Mutilated Alien - Experimental metal band.