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Carl, born 29 December 1997, is an English singer and bassist.


Carl composed 4 songs in school in 2000, and they were recorded onto a demo cassette tape. A year later in 2001 his mother found the cassette and submitted it to Simon Cowell of Syco Records, who then signed Carl to the label. His demo was re-recorded and released as an EP later in the year. In 2002, Carl started finding his simple piano/vocals only style "boring" and wanted his first album to be more of a rap style. The first single from his next album, My Name Is was released in January 2002, and the album Rap was released in March. Another single from the album, Different Schools (with Jamie) was released early in 2003. When Carl wanted to release an alternative rock album and cover a Feeder song in 2004, Syco Records wanted him to stay rap in fear he'd be less successful. He parted ways with Syco and released his second studio album Gran Turismo with the single Just a Day (Carl cover) in 2004, before then putting his musical career on hiatus to "enjoy childhood". He returned to his career after 4 years in 2008, with a new sound similar to The Police on his third album Life, but by 2010 with his fourth album Friends Left he returned to the alternative rock sound he had on his 2004 album Gran Turismo. Since 2008 the mainstream popularity and venue size of Carl's gigs has shrunk, in 2010 he was notably the supporting act for Craziness on their tour promoting Considered. His musical career was put on hiatus again to form the band Das Härte, who released Das Härte (album) in 2011. In sound, the band is similar to that of Rammstein, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Hämatom, all German bands. In 2012, Carl returned to his solo career playing cyber metal, releasing an EP Mein Traum under Northern Carlton Records.



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