Canadian Red Bulls of Tagtraum is a professional association football club based in Canadian Tagtraum.

Canadian Red Bulls of Tagtraum



First league

Prince League (1984-1996)

Current league

Tagtraum Majors (since 1997)

Best performance

Prince League: 1st (1995) Tagtraum Majors: 5th (every season except 2002)

Tagtraum Champions League

1984-1994: No competition held 1995: Semi finalists 1996: Did not qualify


Red Bull (since 1984)

History[edit | edit source]

The club was formed in 1984 to take part in the 1984 Prince League season. The team finished last place nearly every season of the Prince League until they shockingly won it in 1995 qualifying for the inaugural Tagtraum Champions League. However, they were knocked out in the semi finals by losing 10-0 on aggregate to Brittraum's Carl First FC. 0-4 at home, and 6-0 away. The club has not qualified for the tournament since. Since its inaugural season in 1997, the Red Bulls have competed in the Tagtraum Majors but have not yet won the tournament.

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