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Burning School is an industrial/death metal band, formed with members from around the world age 13-15 (10-12 at the time of formation) in 2009, featuring members of Rebellion.


In 2009, two members of Rebellion started Burning School as a side project. Rebellion hasn't performed live since a Christmas show in 2009, and a January 2010 arena show opening for Rage Against the Machine. A promo single "Engineer" was released for free on a CD-R at early shows in schools and opening festivals. Their debut EP "Revolution" was released the same year. In 2010, the band went on hiatus, the singer Charles took up guitar and formed Sofaraway as a solo project, which was short lived. The band returned in 2011 releasing Fear Incorporated, leaning more toward a death inspired Fear Factory sound. The band toured Canada supporting Bread. A year later, the band returned with the single Pessimistic Future and its B-side. A few months later, after Charles focused on Tekfly 15, the band headed more toward a full death metal sound with the single Juvenile and new album States In Flames.