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Note: "Blut der Pferde" is a real life song, performed by the German band Richthofen. And so is their 1997 album "Seelenwalzer" as mentioned in this article. This cover by Wasser, however, is not.

Blut der Pferde (German: Blood of the Horses) is the first single by British industrial metal musician Wasser. It is a cover of the song by Richthofen from their 1997 album "Seelenwalzer".

Track listing[]

  1. "Blut der Pferde" (Blood of the Horses)
  2. "Exist (Live)"
  3. "Blut der Pferde (English version)"
  4. "Blut der Pferde (French version)"
  5. "Blut der Pferde (Norwegian version)"
  6. "Blut der Pferde (Music Video)"
  7. "Willst du dreizehn und allein fur immer sein? (Music Video)"

Promotional tracklisting[]

  1. "Blut der Pferde"
  2. "Radio Edit"
  3. "English Version"
  4. "French Version"
  5. "Norwegian Version"
  6. "Music video"

Download tracklisting (International)[]

  1. "Blut der Pferde"
  2. "Blut der Pferde (English Version)"
  3. "Music video"

Download tracklisting (Continental Europe)[]

  1. "Blut der Pferde"
  2. "Blut der Pferde (French Version)"
  3. "Blut der Pferde (Norwegian Version)"
  4. "Music video"