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Autie Co. World Football is an association football video game for the PS3 and PC that was released on 24th December 2011.

Playable leagues[]

  • England: Barclays Premier League, Npower Championship, Npower League 1, Npower League 2, Blue Square Premier, Blue Square South, Blue Square North
  • Scotland: Scottish Premier League
  • Wales: Welsh Premier League
  • Iceland: Urvalsdeild
  • San Marino: Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio
  • Germany: Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga
  • Faroe Islands: Vodafonedeildin
  • Northern Ireland: IFA Carling Premiership
  • Republic of Ireland: League of Ireland
  • USA/Canada: Major League Soccer
  • USA/Canada/Puerto Rico: North American Soccer League
  • Canada: Canadian Soccer League
  • USA/Canada/Bermuda: USL Premier Deveolpment League

List of national teams[]

  • England: 3 stars
  • Scotland: 3 stars
  • Wales: 1 star
  • Iceland: 2 stars
  • San Marino: 1 star
  • Germany: 3 stars
  • Faroe Islands: 1 star
  • Northern Ireland: 1 star
  • Republic of Ireland: 2 stars
  • USA: 2 stars
  • Canada: 2 stars
  • Puerto Rico: 1 star
  • Bermuda: 1 star
  • Norway: 2 stars
  • Denmark: 2 stars
  • Sweden: 3 stars
  • Finland: 2 stars
  • Greenland: 1 star
  • Other national teams are available for download.


  • Manager Mode: Manage a club from any of the included leagues or a custom team. Start from that country's lowest league and build up to the top level.
  • International mode: Take part in the fictional Scandinavian Cup as Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Faroe Islands or the fictional Greenland team. Take part in the Home Nations tournament as England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Or make your own international tournament.
  • Create a Team: Create a Club or National team from any country, even a fictional country.
  • Create a League: Create a league from any country, even a ficticious country. Add it to one of the countries already in the game and position it on the pyramid to set what leagues teams from it will be promoted and relegated to.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play offline or online against friends.