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Anti Gravity Rush European Lower Level Cup was a football tournament between several lower ranked European teams. It was sponsored by Anti Gravity Rush energy drink. The winners were Wales. The tournament was mostly televised in the United Kingdom on SC4 and Sky Sports, San Marino and Italy on San Marino RTV, 1FLTV in Liechtenstein, TVN in Malta, and in Iceland, United States, Germany, Norway and Canada on Anti Gravity Rush TV.


Semi finals[]

Wales 2 - 0 Liechtenstein (Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales)

San Marino 1 - 2 Malta (Serraville, San Marino)

Runners up[]

Liechtenstein 4 - 0 San Marino (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)


Malta 0 - 2 Wales (Soccer City Stadium, South Africa)