Note: Oomph! is a real life band and all songs on this album are real life songs. However, this live album, is not

Alte Zeit Live (German: Old Time Live) is a live album by the German industrial metal group Oomph! recorded at Montreal, Canada in 2011. A CD and DVD were released seperately.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Unsere Rettung" (Our Salvation) (Unrein, 1998)
  2. "INRI vs Jahwe" (God vs Jesus) (Wunschkind, 1996)
  3. "Wunschkind" (Wishchild) (Wunschkind, 1996)
  4. "Ice Coffin" (Defekt, 1995)
  5. "Das ist Freiheit" (That is Freedom) (Sperm, 1994)
  6. "Ich bin der Weg" (I am the Way) (Sperm, 1994)
  7. "Willst du mein Leben entern?" (Do you want to board my life?) (Unrein, 1998)
  8. "Die Maske" (The Mask) (Unrein, 1998)
  9. "Feiert das Kreuz" (Celebrate the Cross) (Sperm, 1994)
  10. "Willst du Hoffnung?" (Do you want Hope?) (Defekt, 1995)
  11. "Mitten ins Herz" (Right in the Middle of the Heart) (Defekt, 1995)
  12. "Defekt" (Defect) (Defekt, 1995)
  13. "Gekreuzigt" (Crucified) (Unrein, 1998)
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