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Album of Ed is the first album by Ed. It promotes season 1 and the 1999 half of season 2. 

Album of Ed

Studio album by Ed




Comedy rock


Cartoon Network

Following release

Second Album of Ed

Track listing[]

  1. The Ed-Touchables
  2. Nagged to Ed
  3. Pop Goes the Ed
  4. Over Yer Ed
  5. Sir Ed-a-lot
  6. A Pinch to Grow an Ed
  7. Dawn of the Eds
  8. Virt-Ed-Go
  9. Read All About Ed
  10. Quick Shot Ed
  11. An Ed Too Many
  12. Ed-n-Sneek
  13. Look into my Eds
  14. Tag Yer Ed
  15. Fool on the Ed
  16. A Boy and His Ed
  17. It's Way Ed
  18. Laugh Ed Laugh
  19. A Glass of Warm Ed
  20. Flea-Bitten Ed
  21. Who, What, Where, Ed
  22. Keeping Up with the Eds
  23. Eds-Aggregate
  24. Oath to an Ed
  25. Button Yer Ed
  26. Avast Ye Eds
  27. Know It All Ed
  28. Dear Ed


  • Matt Hill (credited as Ed) - Vocals, guitar
  • Samuel Vincent (credited as Edd) - Bass
  • Tony Sampson (credited as Eddy) - Drums