Alaska Regional FC is a cross age cross gender association football club, formed in Anchorage in 2012.

Alaska Regional


Anchorage, Alaska, USA




Regional World League


In late 2011 a group of people in Alaska decided to make soccer in the area more "global", and available to "all people", so they formed a club comprised of players of mixed age and gender. As cross age/gender football is not popular, the side struggled to find any leagues to join, or clubs to play friendlies against. The club finished recruiting the last of its players in early January 2012. On 4 January 2012 they played a friendly against School Survival Soccer FC in a field somewhere in Ontario, Canada. The manager of School Survival Soccer told Alaska Regional about the Regional World League, a football league with no age or gender restrictions for the starting elevens taking part. The club joined the league just in time for the start of the 2012 season.

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