The 2012 AFB 5-a-side Confederation Cup was the second edition of the AFB Confederation Cup. It was hosted by Canada, and took part in the city of Vancouver. German-American industrial/alternative metal band Emigrate played a short concert after the final.

Participating teams[edit | edit source]

  • Canada (hosts)
  • England
  • Germany
  • Sealand

Qualifying groups[edit | edit source]

European Islands Group Germanic Group North American Group (cancelled) Micronational Group
England Germany Canada Sealand
Republic of Ireland Switzerland United States Ladonia
Iceland Austria Mexico Vikesland
Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Bermuda


Finals[edit | edit source]

Semi finals[edit | edit source]

England 7 - 0 Sealand

Germany 2 - 1 Canada

Runners up[edit | edit source]

Canada 8 - 1 Sealand

Final[edit | edit source]

England 3 - 2 Germany

2012 AFB Confederation Cup Winners
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