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The 2008 ADHDRC season was the third season of the ADHD Rally Championship. It saw the end of the Kids Can Achieve rally team and radical changes in Nissan's tactics, including swapping the drivers and co-drivers in one crew and the introduction of the Almera to world rallying. This was also Hyundai's debut season.


Rally Country (State) Surface Winner
3rd Rally of Ruislip United Kingdom (England) Tarmac, gravel C. Holtz
2nd ADHD Rally Pinner United Kingdom (England) Tarmac C. Holtz
2nd Rally California United States (California) Gravel, tarmac C. Holtz
2nd Ontario Rally Canada (Ontario) Snow covered gravel C.Holtz


Team Drivers Co-drivers Car
CH Rally Team #1. C. Holtz #1. J. Morchal Subaru Impreza WRX
Volkswagen #2. P. Horgst Kermp #2. L. Holtz Volkswagen Golf GTi
Hurligdon Manor
  1. 3. R. McRenny Berl
  1. 4. G. Yeence
  1. 3. D. Grove
  1. 4. T. Porka
Subaru Impreza WRX
Nissan #5. R. Holtz #5. M. Holtz Nissan Almera
Hyundai #6. D. Holtz #6. S. Worsch Hyundai Amica


Strangely, in the 2008 season, the results matched the vehicle numbers. Hence the above table also doubles as the results table. C. Holtz won the seasons with 40 points. All other drivers scored 0 points.