The 2007 ADHDRC season was the second season of the ADHD Rally Championship. It was the first to feature international rounds.


Rally Country (State) Surface Winner
2nd Rally of Ruislip United Kingdom (England) Tarmac, gravel C. Holtz
1st ADHD Rally Pinner United Kingdom (England) Tarmac C. Holtz
Colin McRae Memorial Stages United Kingdom (Scotland) Gravel C. Holtz
1st Rally California United States (California) Gravel, tarmac C. Holtz
1st Ontario Rally Canada (Ontario) Snow covered gravel C. Holtz


Team Base Drivers Co-drivers Car
Kids Can Achieve Pinner
  1. 1. C. Holtz
  1. 2. J. Worsch

'#1. J. Morchal

  1. 2. L. Worsch
Subaru Impreza WRX
Volkswagen Ruislip #3. P. Horgst Kermp #3. L. Holtz Volkswagen Golf GTi
Hurligdon Manor Ruislip #4. R. McRenny Berl #4. D. Grove Subaru Impreza WRX
Nissan Ruislip
  1. 5. M. Holtz
  1. 6. D. Holtz
  1. 5. R. Holtz
  1. 6. S. Worsch
Nissan Micra


Position Crew Manufacturer Points
1 #1. C. Holtz / J. Morchal Subaru 50
2 #3. P. Horgst Kemp / L. Holtz Volkswagen 0
3 #4. R. McRenny Berl / D. Grove Subaru 0
4 #2. J. Worsch / L. Worsch Subaru 0
5 #5. M. Holtz / R. Holtz Nissan 0
6 #6. D. Holtz / S. Worsch Nissan 0
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